Wall Sawing

Efficient Wall Sawing

Wall sawing provides an efficient means of cutting door and window openings. The saw has circular blade on a track mounted hydraulic driver head. The track can be mounted on vertical walls or steep inclines, which is typically specified for cutting precise openings in concrete structures.  Our equipment gives you full control over both vertical and horizontal wall sawing jobs.

Wall sawing gives you the smoothest finish cutting down on installation time of windows and doors. Giving you more flexibility for those usual shapes and sizes.

3 Phase Hydraulic Power

Cutting Force’s wall saw unit is driven by a 3-phase hydraulic power pack and remote control for such work.

35 Years Experience in the Industry

From humble beginnings in Gippsland over 35 years ago, we’ve grown into one of Australia’s most respected providers of concrete cutting, coring drilling and sawing services. Our expertise ensures you get the job done and your project finished.

Good performance is the result of having the highest quality tools and machines. Without top of the line equipment contributing to a job well done your wall sawing requirements could slow done the whole project. Cutting Forces work is handled with proportion and precision to ensure maximum performance and consistent results.


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