Bridge Demolition: Cox’s Bridge South Gippsland Highway Victoria

Cutting Force has just successfully completed a full demolition of Cox’s Bridge for one of our major clients; Cut and Fill Pty Ltd.

Cox’s Bridge has been replaced by a newly constructed dual bridge located on the South Gippsland Highway located near Sale, Victoria.

Successful Tender

Cutting Force successfully tendered for the demolition of the bridge with safety and environmental controls critical to the outcome.

Cutting Force’s experience and capabilities to perform such critical works delivered the works on time to meet Cut and Fill’s scheduling of the project.

Cutting Force worked closely with the local business, Whiters Street Cranes as the bridge demolition required accurate sequence cutting and core drilling to enable the bridge to be cut up and dismantled without disturbing natural vegetation and water ways that contain varieties of protected fish.

The bridge deck was dismantled in sections and craned off to awaiting transport for site removal, Cutting Force used a range of equipment to achieve the demolition, Core drilling, Road Sawing, Wall Sawing and Hydraulic Sawing.

Floating Platoons

Specially Designed and manufactured floating platoons where used to capture any residue caused by the cutting and drilling process performed on the bridge.

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