Swimming Pool Modification: Moe Public Pool – May 2013

Cutting Force has successfully tendered to perform the concrete cutting and modification of both the Olympic and Diving Pools at the Moe Public Outdoor Pool complex. Our expertise in the industry was called upon to deliver a cost effective solution on time and on budget. The ultimate criticism comes from the end user and the swimming public of Moe have definitely given it the thumbs up.

Wall, Wire and Hand Sawing

The Olympic pool required the entire top of the pool to be cut away by means of wall sawing, wire sawing and hand held sawing to a new level where the new pool edge and drainage system can be constructed and installed. By re-configuring rather than re-building the swimming pool, Latrobe City has saved both time and money. Most importantly and a critical component of the job was to future proof the facility. With over 30 years experience in the industry you can rest assured that our work stands the test of time.

Water Efficiency

The diving pool required similar modification around the perimeter of the pool. Once fully reinstated with the newly constructed pool top and edging the pools will be user friendly and water efficient.

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