Concrete Scanning & Detection

If you are looking to drill, cut or core any concrete structure, please call Cutting Force prior to starting any work. We provide contractors, builders and engineers with accurate subsurface data. Get in touch today!


Concrete Slab Scan Experts

Scanning and detection has become an important area in the construction and demolition industry. Our operators have been trained to accurately pin point where to drill or cut and avoid any materials or dangers that lies beneath the concrete surface. Anything from steel, post tension cables, power and fibre optics. Locating these materials and hazards can make a huge difference in planning where to drill, cut and run services while maintaining health and safety for all trades onsite.


Quality Concrete Scanning Services – Victoria & Queensland

Using the Hilti PS-1000X Scan system our trained operators can now provide this service to all our clients.

We will work within client’s project timelines and budget to ensure accurate and effective assessment of any potential risks. Concrete scanning prior to any digging, demolition, cutting or drilling will ensure no interruption to other services. Therefore maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete slab.