Wire Sawing

Concrete Wire Sawing

Concrete wire sawing is a method we use when large sections of concrete are required to be cut ie. walls, barriers and any thick structures.

This type of concrete cutting technique is perfect for large concrete pipes, pillars, load bearing objects and bridges.

What is a Concrete Wire Saw?

A concrete wire saw has a high tensile cable which has steel rings at regular intervals which are coated with super-hard diamond crystals.

A system of pulleys are then rigged to align the wire to cut in the correct direction. The wire is wrapped around the object to be cut and the machine is turned on. The pulleys pull the wire through the concrete and keep the tension on the cable.



Wire Sawing Top Of Wall

The Benefits of Wire Sawing


Below are some of the benefits of using a wire saw;

  • You can cut many large and irregular objects when standard saws cannot access or cut as deep
  • Wire saws won’t get caught when cutting load bearing objects like metal blades can
  • When removing pillars you can cut flush with the floor or roof
  • Wire saws are quieter than regular concrete saws


Have a project?

Using a wire saw is a specialist skill, contact the experts at your nearest Cutting Force office.