Ring Sawing

Ring saws are designed to cut up to 260 mm. Ring sawing eliminates the need for cumbersome oversized rotary saw blades. They are portable and perfect when working in confined and small areas of work. The ring saws power and versatility make it ideal for use as an all purpose emergency cutting tool.

The maneuverability of smaller machines makes them versatile and capable of a wide variety of purposes. Our concrete ring saw services help you to get the job done on time and on budget. We stand behind our 35-plus years of experience in the field.

Ring Sawing techniques are predominantly used to cut out doorways and windows through reinforced concrete and brickwork walls up to 260 millimetres thick. Our machines are extremely versatile and can be used in confined and tight spaces.

You Can Get it Done

  • Cutting depths of up to 260 mm with high accuracy and precision
  • Double brick and concrete wall cutting
  • Window/door openings
  • Ventilation cut outs
  • Cutting in confined spaces

Hydraulic Units Also Available

Cutting Force’s ring saw is also available in hydraulic powered units that can also cut up to 260 mm, ideal for indoor or confined space work where fumes can be a problem.