Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cutting Force do both commercial and residential?

Yes, we can do small residential requests, medium to mid level projects as well as multi story commercial jobs.

Can Cutting Force service areas outside of their major city locations?

Yes, with information provided from the client we can quote and travel to locations and provide top quality service.

How quickly can you attend a quote/job?

We can attend a quote or job the same day as the request if time is available. If all operators are booked we aim to provide a service within 24 hours.

Is their a cancellation period?

Cutting Force requires 2 hours notice to cancel an appointment. This allows us enough time to reschedule and adjust other appointments.

What major projects has Cutting Force worked on, as well as major contractors?

We have worked on Airport link, Legacy Way, Midtown Centre Brisbane, Interlink Tunnel Melbourne, Fairbairn Dam Emerald. Cutting Force aims to work closely with any contractors including Hutchinsons Builders, Mcnab Constructions, CPB Contractors, Eureka Landscaping and more.

Does Cutting Force work on large infrastructure projects like, roads, rail, tunnels, water, electricity and gas?

Yes Cutting Force has successfully completed numerous projects that have included all major areas of infrastructure in Victoria and Queensland.

Cutting Force

  • Cutting Force services Gippsland and the surrounding regions from Mallacoota to Phillip Island, Greater Melbourne and outlying areas, Brisbane and South East Queensland.
  • Cutting Force has and will establish satellite branches when required to service specific projects requirements.