Soff Cutting

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What is Soff Cutting?

Soff Cutting is a early entry cutting when the concrete slab or driveway is only hours after being poured. This type of cutting is designed to reduce or eliminate any cracking in the concrete. The cut is designed to let the slab crack along the cut line.

Soff cutting is also used to perform patten cutting of driveways and paved areas, it is very accurate and clean lines are achieved.

Local Soff Cutting Expertise

If you have a project that requires specialised soff cutting expertise, get in touch.

No matter how specialised your soff cutting project is our 40+ years of experience ensures you get the right people for the job. Nationwide and around the corner our teams are ready to get the job done.


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Have a project?

For all soff cutting enquiries, contact your nearest Cutting Force office.