Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic Bursting

What is Hydraulic Bursting?

Hydraulic bursting is when you use a hydraulic burster to avoid any damage to attached structure, reduce noise and dust.

Core holes are performed and burster rams are inserted into the core hole and the hydraulic pressure of the ram expanding will break the concrete into section for safe removal.

Local Hydraulic Bursting Expertise

If you have a project that requires specialised hydraulic bursting expertise, get in touch.

The Burster we use has a pressing force of 110 and 260 tons

  • Suitable for controlled, large-volume break-up of reinforced concrete
  • Concrete dismantling without water, noise, dust and vibration

Maximum force with maximum mobility

No matter how specialised your project is our 40+ years of experience ensures you get the right people for the job. Nationwide and around the corner our teams are ready to get the job done.


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