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Fairnbairn Dam


The Fairbairn Dam is an earth-filled embankment dam across the Nogoa River, located south-west of Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia. Constructed in 1972 for the primary purpose of irrigation, the impoundment created by the dam serves as one of the major portable water supplies for the region and assists with flood mitigation. Cutting Force Australia were engaged for upgrade works on the Fairbairn dam project.

A project of this magnitude in a remote location requires substantial planning with a large degree of trust placed in suppliers. Tyrolit Australia together with Dale Stott (Cutting Force – Managing Director) provided a solution which resulted in the project running on time with minimal disruption, in full recognition that the scope of the project could change at any time.

Works commenced in May 2017 on the north face of the spillway. The project required Cutting Force to remove sections of the dam in all weather conditions whilst meeting the required time frames. Initially coring commenced where the 200mm+ holes required for bursting using the Tyrolit/Hydrostress AU & BTH350 Bursting System. Due to the specific requirements, controlled cuts were placed using the Tyrolit Hydrostress WSE1217 HF Wall saw.

While the Control cuts were being completed the wire sawing commenced on larger sections requiring over 700mm depths .Cutting Force commenced the job with Tyrolit WCE14 completing 80% of the project. Dale Stott, while on a trip to Bauma Expo in Germany, had a demonstration of the New Tyrolit WCU17 Wire saw system. Dale then acquired this unit into his fleet and the contractors were impressed by the easy assembly, reduced service interval requirements, along with the 17.5 meters of available storage.

Cutting Force where able to complete the following works on time and budget:
• 30,000 Starter bars Holes
• 2500 225mm x 1.5metre holes
• 120 x 225mm x 5 metre holes
• 120 x 650mm x 500mm Holes
• 150 x 500mm x 500mm Holes
• 300 x 300mm x 8.5metre holes
• 1200 Square metres 500mm D.O.C wire sawing
• 1000 Square metres 500mm D.O.C Wall sawing

The following Tyrolit equipment was used:

AU Bursting Unit
WSE1217 HF Wall Saw
WSE1620 HF Wall Saw
WCE14 Wire Saw
WCU17 Wire Saw
BSG3 Wire